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We're cooking up hot games.

Blast Furnace Games is a game development studio based in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.

We're currently working on a hilarious party game called A Gentlemen's Dispute.

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Thomas Carey's profile picture

I'm a programmer and 3D artist, I've been making games for about as long as I can remember.

Thomas Carey

Producer, Lead Developer

Joshua Fratis's profile picture

I'm a gameplay programmer currently pursuing degrees in Computer Science and Digital Narrative & Interactive Design.

Joshua Fratis

Gameplay Programmer

Jason Jiang's profile picture

I'm a 3D artist majoring in architecture and computer science. I love making 3D models and doing environmental art.

Jason Jiang

3D Artist

Kevin O'Donnell's profile picture

I'm an animator and 3D modeler pursuing a Doctorate of Pharmacy. I enjoy making view-model animations and character animations.

Kevin O'Donnell

3D Artist, Designer

Steve Lu's profile picture

I'm a Game Designer and an ECE major at CMU who is a bit too passionate about spreadsheets and whatever "balancing" is.

Steve Lu


Oscar Wang's profile picture

I'm a UI/UX designer majoring in Architecture and Human-Computer Interactions in CMU. I enjoy making designs that boost players' experience, modeling architecture designs, and exploring different means of design.

Oscar Wang

UI artist

Ian Kaneko's profile picture

I am a classically trained composer for both linear and non-linear media. I love to use music to bring to bring any world to life.

Ian Kaneko


Ben Sulzisnky's profile picture

Ben Sulzisnky

Sound Designer

Kaelin Hughes's profile picture

Kaelin Hughes

Social Media Manager


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